Recycling of Primary- and Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries

Recycling of Primary Batteries

  • The objective of recycling is optimum recovery of the metals and other recyclable materials contained in the waste stream, in order to reintroduce them to the material cycle and thus to ensure economic recycling in qualitative and quantitative terms

    All other types of batteries (e.g. nickel-cadmium batteries) are recycled by carefully selected contracting companies.

Recycling of Primary Batteries at Our Locations in Offenbach am Main and Bremerhaven

The pre-sorted zinc-carbon and alkaline-manganese batteries are mechanically processed and separated into an iron fraction and a metal-carbon mixture, known as black mass. The high-quality iron scrap is sold for stainless steel production, re-entering the material cycle. The black mass, which contains zinc, is further processed by means of a rolling process, in which zinc oxide is obtained as well as slag, which is used in road construction.

Processing of the batteries and the packaging of recyclables is performed in a closed system that is extremely environmentally friendly in terms of dust, noise and exhaust. Waste water is not produced in any step of this process. Any mercury or other pollutants contained in the exhaust gas are collected completely by activated carbon filters.



Recycling of Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries at Our Location in Offenbach am Main

The market share of nickel-metal hydride batteries has been growing steadily. The focus of recycling these types of batteries is recovery of nickel, which serves as an important alloying metal for steel refining. Since the eighties, we have been developing and continuously enhancing relevant processes. The recovery process is monitored by sensors to ensure that escaping hydrogen does not develop into an explosive gas. After separation of plastics, an iron product with a high concentration of nickel is produced.  This iron product forms an important alloy component in the proven REDUX method for producing a raw material based on nickel and is used as a substitute for ferro-nickel in the production of stainless steel. For nickel recovery, we use not only nickel-metal hydride batteries, but all kinds of (cadmium-free) waste and scrap containing nickel. Using our proprietary treatment, we are able to achieve above-average purchase prices.