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About Redux

REDUX Recycling GmbH, formerly known as Battrysort, was founded in 1997 by Manfred Berger and Claudia Möser in Dietzenbach near Frankfurt on the Main. Redux’ customers included, in addition to commercial companies, the first manufacturers in Germany which voluntarily provided a return service for batteries containing hazardous materials. Initially, the exclusive focus of the business was sorting and recycling nickel-metal hydride batteries. Starting in 2001, operational activities increasingly revolved around recycling primary batteries. Finally, using an activated carbon filter system and new technology, we were able to perform industrial comminution, regardless of the mercury-content of the batteries. The capacity of the facility was thus increased to more than 10,000 tons per year. In 2007, we started to combine sorting and recycling in one process to protect resources and hence offer our global customers a complete solution in both ecological and economical terms.

At the beginning of 2011, REDUX Recycling GmbH acquired the majority of shares in REDUX Recycling GmbH in Bremerhaven, formerly known as Uni-CYC GmbH. REDUX Recycling GmbH has been active in the battery sorting business since 2001 and is proprietor of the largest and fastest automatic battery sorting system in the market. In addition to the automatic battery sorting system, a modern recycling plant was built by REDUX Recycling GmbH.  With this majority position, Redux Recycling GmbH strengthens its market position on the battery recycling market.




15 June 2016

With 01.01.2015 the Austrian company Saubermacher Dienstleistung AG has taken over the 55 % share of the Helga Berger BeteiligungsgmbH & Co KG . Since 01/01/2016 Saubermacher is the 100% owner of Redux Recycling GmbH . In July 2016, the new location in Offenbach into use taken and the locations in Dietzenbach closed . "