Quality and Environment




During the development of our facilities, the highest possible degree of environmental friendliness with respect to dust, noise and exhaust was a focus.

The facility was thus designed as a completely closed system, which includes all processing steps of the batteries and packaging of the raw materials. Complete filtering of any mercury contained in the batteries is ensured by the generously dimensioned exhaust system, which consists of two dust filters and two overdimensioned activated carbon filters. Dust within the system can be largely avoided by a special high-pressure system.

Moreover, we ensure that waste water is not produced in the entire value-added process / production process.



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In addition to long-term employee retention and development, our quality objectives also include providing excellent value for money.

Return Rates

In 2010, more than 14,500 tons of used batteries and accumulators were collected by the Stiftung Gemeinsames Rücknahmesystem (foundation for a joint return system). New battery law (as of June 2009) requires a mandatory collection rate of 35%.